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Blue amber face set in gold Amber face set in gold Fossil mammoth ivory face set in silver Fossil mammoth ivory face set in silver

Bigger photos will be displayed here

With this very simple thecnique it`s impossible to copy the bigger pics, keeping copyrighted designs protected without sacrificing vision or having to find complicated (and often not effective) solutions. Due to the nature of this page, which only purpose is to demonstrate the functioning of the code, this text moves to accomodate the pictures shown by 'mouseovering' on the thumbnails. Also, informations about the pictures are only in the tooltips but captions can be easily added.

Once again, the all thing is completely portable and adaptable. The Javascript should be imported (as done for this site). Events are not inline, as it should be. The preload function it`s necessary to have a quick mouseover response.

If CSS and Javascript are disabled the thumbnails would just appear one after the other in their natural static positions and the bigger pics would just be unaccessible (all pictures courtesy of Heinrich Schilling of Studio H ™).