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posted on: 12 September 2006

Frescoes restoration

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Physicists in Italy are developing a new device for assessing the condition of some of the country's most valuable fresco paintings. The tool can reveal information about the condition of a wall painting without ever touching its surface, making the device a potentially valuable aid to restoration and preservation efforts.

Tool to diagnose Italian frescoes


posted on: 25 July 2006

The song of the dunes

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Singing dunes

Ever since Marco Polo, explorers have told stories about strange sounds they have heard in the desert. It is known that these sounds are produced by sand dunes when they avalanche, but the exact mechanism behind the phenomenon has remained a mystery.

Stéphane Douady 's web site and his article:
the song of the dunes as a self-synchronized instrument


posted on: 24 July 2006

Albert Einstein and meandering rivers

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Albert Einstein and meandering rivers

I begin with a little experiment which anybody can easily repeat. Imagine a flat-bottomed cup full of tea. At the bottom there are some tea leaves, which stay there because they are rather heavier than the liquid they have replaced. If the liquid is made to rotate by a spoon, the leaves will soon collect in the center of the bottom of the cup. The explanation of this phenomenon is as follows: the rotation of the liquid causes a centrifugal force to act on it.


posted on: 23 July 2006

Simple information graphics

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On Information Aesthetics:

hydrogen atom pixel model
simple information graphic depicting the distance between an electron and a proton of a hydrogen atom
world population one
simple information graphic depicting the world population as pixels


posted on: 08 December 2005

Flash and physics

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Using Flash animations to illustrate physics is something I tried a while ago. I find it most interesting but, unfortunately, my knowledge of physics is limited.

Flash animations for physics


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

Anti spam email
A solution to writing an anti spam email contact link
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Background image
A background image randomizer that I used in the second version of this site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Javascript menu
A menu that uses Javascript and session cookies.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Experimenting with CSS and Javascript.A simple but, in my opinion, nice navigation “system”. The MiniSite is a one page site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo display
Protect copyrighted photos: a simple but effective solution.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo gallery
A photo gallery made for a friend
filed under: Javascript
PHP menu
A PHP menu that can be updated without having to re-publish all the pages is on.
filed under: PHP
Pop-up menu
A very simple pop up menu powered by Javascript. It works also if Javascript is disabled.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
RSS feed
How to write and use an RSS feed
filed under: rss-xml
Tag replacer
The Tag replacer explained and a link to it.
filed under: PHP
Tags search
A search form build and powered using Javascript and the DOM
filed under: Javascript