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posted on: 26 May 2010

Portraits of America's Endangered Species

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Portraits of America's endangered species - a book by Joel Sartore

There are currently about 1,500 known species in the world that are endangered - Joel presents 68 of them in his book, ranging from wolves to wolverines, pitcher plant to pineapple cactus; all exquisitely photographed.

RARE: Portraits of America's Endangered Species


posted on: 12 December 2009

100 days in Glacier National Park

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Western tanager - Glacier National Park - Montana

This summer, Glacier Park Magazine editor Chris Peterson undertook a photographic project to take photos of Montana's Glacier National Park over 100 consecutive days, starting on May 1, 2009, for a traveling photo show in 2010 to commemorate Glacier's Centennial. He used a mix of film and digital cameras, including an 8 by 10 field camera, a Kodak Pocket Vest camera, circa 1909, and a Speed Graphic, among others. His idea was to use the cameras that would have been used over the course of the Park's 100 years.

100 days in Glacier National Park on The Big Picture, only 24 pictures

100 days in Glacier National Park on the Park's Magazine, all the pictures but smaller


posted on: 15 October 2009

Vivian Maier

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Vivian Maier

I acquired Vivian's negatives while at a furniture and antique auction. From what I know, the auction house acquired her belongings from her storage locker that was sold off due to delinquent payments. I purchased her negatives and rolls of film from this auction. I didn't know what “street photography” was then.

Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work


posted on: 15 October 2009

Glaciers from space

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Erebus Ice Tongue - Antarctica

To a geologist, glaciers are among the most exciting features on Earth. Though they seem to creep along at impossibly slow speeds, in geologic time glaciers are relatively fast, powerful landscape artists that can carve out valleys and fjords in just a few thousand years. Glaciers also provide an environmental record by trapping air bubbles in ice that reveal atmospheric conditions in the past. And because they are very sensitive to climate, growing and advancing when it's cold and shrinking and retreating when its warm, they can be used as proxies for regional temperatures.

Stunning Views of Glaciers From Space


posted on: 16 August 2009

Lightning pictures

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While the exact nature of the initial formation of lightning remains a subject of debate, what is known is that lightning strikes are caused by electrical imbalances present in the clouds. Those imbalances correct themselves suddenly, with an often spectacular light show - which I've tried to show here, with a handful of recent photographs of lightning from around the world.



posted on: 19 July 2009

The polaroid kidd

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The Polaroid Kidd

MIKE BRODIE IS A 22-YEAR OLD SELF-TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER, who lives his life riding the rails and photographing the sub-culture of people he knows or comes in contact with. He's been doing this since 2003, and calls himself “The Polaroid Kidd”. Brodie is at home with his tribe of train hopping wanderers.

Itinerant photographer Mike Brodie


posted on: 11 June 2009

Pictures of St Louis

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dArt St Louis

In April, one hundred St Louisians stepped up to the line and threw their dart at the giant map of St Louis City. They then had a month to visit the block where their dart landed and make a photograph. Now the results are in.

dArt St Louis The Gallery


posted on: 08 May 2009

Human landscapes from above

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Crops - Prickwillow - Cambridgeshire

Photographer Jason Hawkes returns to The Big Picture once more, this time venturing away from London. Recently, Hawkes has been carrying his Nikon D3 aboard helicopters around the world, hanging out the doorway and capturing landscapes - most somehow affected by humans - below. Today, he has shared with us 26 more of his favorite photos from above France, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, the UK and more - with links to Google maps where available.


posted on: 16 April 2009

Edward Burtynsky: photographic works

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Marble quarries, Vermont

Nature transformed through industry is a predominant theme in my work. I set course to intersect with a contemporary view of the great ages of man; from stone, to minerals, oil, transportation, silicon, and so on. To make these ideas visible I search for subjects that are rich in detail and scale yet open in their meaning. Recycling yards, mine tailings, quarries and refineries are all places that are outside of our normal experience, yet we partake of their output on a daily basis.

Edward Burtynsky


posted on: 26 March 2009

Abandoned man made creations

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Balaklava abandoned submarine base

Welcome to the Artificial Owl, a site dedicated to provide on a daily basis a selection of the most fascinating abandoned man-made creations.


posted on: 25 March 2009

2009 Big Garden Birdwatch

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During January, Guardian readers posted hundreds of brilliant photos of garden birds on our Flickr group to coincide with the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch. After whittling them down to a shortlist of 10, Johnmullin's superb shot of greenfinches in flight was voted for by you as the winner.

Top 10 photos from the 2009 Big Garden Birdwatch


posted on: 15 March 2009

Panoramic photograph collection

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San Francisco panoramic view - 1914

The Panoramic Photograph Collection (1851-1991) contains approximately four thousand images featuring American cityscapes, landscapes, and group portraits. These panoramas offer an overview of the nation, its enterprises and its interests, with a focus on the start of the twentieth century when the panoramic photo format was at the height of its popularity.

Panoramic Photographs 1851 - 1991


posted on: 08 January 2009

Eyes, mind and soul

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Photography, numbers, environment and nuclear proliferation :

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition finds the very best wildlife images taken by the world's top professional and amateur photographers.
Inside the mind of an autistic savant
Autistic savant Daniel Tammet shot to fame when he set a European record for the number of digits of pi he recited from memory (22,514). For afters, he learned Icelandic in a week. But unlike many savants, he's able to tell us how he does it.
Greening the Ghetto
Your goal has to be to get the greenest solutions to the poorest people.
A chain reaction of proliferation
The interlocking web of influence and espionage behind the proliferation of nuclear technology


posted on: 24 October 2008

New York signs

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This site intends to survey all of the signs in New York City from 14th Street to 42nd Street. Of course, this is not possible, since there would be tens of thousands of signs within this area. The 29 crosstown streets are each 10 to 11 blocks long (1st Ave. to 11th or 12th Aves.). This gives some 300 blocks, each containing, say, 100 signs of one type or another. This would total 30,000. Even if we eliminated the repetitive traffic signs (actually, each one is different, in setting if not otherwise), the remainder would probably be over 20,000 ...

New York sign
I'm Italian so I couldn't resist..I don't know any of the foods written on the sign...maybe Frank is not Italian? Just kidding, I actually like this web site quite a lot.



posted on: 02 October 2008

High speed water photography

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On designflavr:

An orange slice

Beautiful High Speed Water Photography


posted on: 28 September 2008


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Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.

Chrysolina fastuosa - Micro leaf beetle - on a pin head

Small World


posted on: 15 July 2008

Abstract satellite images

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The images ... were taken at the turn of the Millennium, when NASA's scientists had a brilliant idea: to scan through 400,000 images taken by the Landsat 7 satellite and display only the most the most beautiful. A handful of the best were painstakingly chosen and then displayed at the Library of Congress in 2000.

30 Most Incredible Abstract Satellite Images of Earth


posted on: 03 May 2008

Cities at night from space

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To an observer in space, humanity's footprints on the surface of the Earth are large and varied. They include the regular patterns of irrigated cropland, straight lines of roads and railways running across continents, reservoirs on river systems, and the cement rectangles of ports and seawalls along coastlines. But what about humanity's signature footprint - cities? By day, cities viewed from space can blend into the countryside, or appear as gray smudges, depending on the style of development and size of the urban area.

The lights of Tokyo

Cities at night: the view from space


posted on: 04 March 2008

Images of a changing world

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Fragile Earth, views of a changing world:

Fragile Earth

Fragile Earth


posted on: 29 December 2007

Pieter Hugo

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I have seen these pictures before somewhere, maybe on the BBC:

Mallam Mantari Lamal with Mainasara - Nigeria 2005

Pieter Hugo Photography


posted on: 13 July 2007

Travel photographer

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A selection of the best images from the first four years of the Travel Photographer of the Year competition:

Young boy Kolenze Mali

Travel photographer of the year


posted on: 11 April 2007


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A photoblog by Ryan Keberly:

The Snowsuit Effort

Faces of Metropolitan Detroit.


posted on: 14 February 2007


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An annual contest for the best microphotographs of living (or once living) things.

Zinnia flower primordium

Microphotographs of Living Things


posted on: 29 January 2007

Insects macros

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Macro shots of various insects or bugs. All the shots are taken in my garden.

Fly head

Insects macros


posted on: 08 December 2006

Satellite imagery

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The Smithsonian's online exhibition of satellite imagery:


Earth from space


posted on: 19 October 2006

Pictures and design

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Via Ace Jet 170:


posted on: 12 October 2006

Images of nature

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In 1952, Thomas Eisner, a graduate student at Harvard, drove around North America for two months with a fellow student, Edward O. Wilson, to see the country and its insects. For the past half century, Dr. Eisner, now an emeritus professor at Cornell, continued his travels in the fields of entomology, evolutionary biology, chemical ecology and conservation. Some of his best-known research was on the explosive chemical outburst of the bombardier beetle, which he and his colleagues analyzed and photographed.

A carpenter ant and a leaf beetle - Thomas Eisner

Eye-Catching Images of Nature


posted on: 25 September 2006

History in pictures

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We have compiled a collection of thousands of the most important photographs of the last 150 years; pictures of our struggles, trials, and triumphs. We can only fully understand our history by gazing into the eyes of the people that made that history.

Naples streets - ca. 1890

Picture History

The institution of photography in Ceylon was first established in the mid 1840's and was practiced quite extensively towards the end of the 19th Century. During that period there were dozens of local and foreign artist who took up the challenge to record the daily events which took place in the beautiful and mysterious island of Ceylon in the form of a photographic image.

A group of Veddhas

Images of Ceylon


posted on: 17 August 2006

Insects photography

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Nothomyrmecia macrops - Dinosaur Ant - South Australia
Nothomyrmecia macrops - Dinosaur Ant - South Australia

Beautiful pictures of insects on myrmecos (and also links to other similar web sites).


posted on: 25 July 2006

Never been photographed

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My heart feels heavy as I present these portraits of the poorest of the poor of India. My father documented these portraits, not for the Internet, not for the money or artistic effort, but with a sense of history in his mind. “In a few years, it will be hard for us to believe that we lived amongst people like these” he once wrote to me. The subjects in this series are mostly uneducated, poor, and never been in front of a camera.

Never been photographed


posted on: 14 July 2006

Underwater Image Competition

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Underwater Image Competition 2006
link to a shortlist of ten entries per each of the five categories

SERPENT's permanent gallery of images split into regions: image gallery


posted on: 14 February 2006

Earth images

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Beautiful Earth images:

Earth Globe - Eastern view Earth Globe - Western view


posted on: 28 January 2006

The Cloud Appreciation Society

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A web site dedicated to clouds:

Clouds by Steve Maniscalco


posted on: 11 January 2006

More Shanghai pics

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I have added some more pics of Shanghai in the photo archive.


posted on: 08 August 2005

Serpent eagles

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I took a few pics of two serpent eagles flying over the house. I have published one in the usual place in the menu column, the other it's here:

Two serpent eagles - Bali


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

Anti spam email
A solution to writing an anti spam email contact link
filed under: Javascript
Background image
A background image randomizer that I used in the second version of this site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Javascript menu
A menu that uses Javascript and session cookies.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Experimenting with CSS and Javascript.A simple but, in my opinion, nice navigation “system”. The MiniSite is a one page site.
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Photo display
Protect copyrighted photos: a simple but effective solution.
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Photo gallery
A photo gallery made for a friend
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PHP menu
A PHP menu that can be updated without having to re-publish all the pages is on.
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Pop-up menu
A very simple pop up menu powered by Javascript. It works also if Javascript is disabled.
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RSS feed
How to write and use an RSS feed
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Tag replacer
The Tag replacer explained and a link to it.
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Tags search
A search form build and powered using Javascript and the DOM
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