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posted on: 03 May 2008

Cities at night from space

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To an observer in space, humanity's footprints on the surface of the Earth are large and varied. They include the regular patterns of irrigated cropland, straight lines of roads and railways running across continents, reservoirs on river systems, and the cement rectangles of ports and seawalls along coastlines. But what about humanity's signature footprint - cities? By day, cities viewed from space can blend into the countryside, or appear as gray smudges, depending on the style of development and size of the urban area.

The lights of Tokyo

Cities at night: the view from space


posted on: 28 February 2008

City blog guides

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City blog guide on the Guardian:

Blog by blog guide to ...


posted on: 20 July 2006

Cities or Countries

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On the BBC: are cities the new countries?

Greater Shanghai has a population that has passed 20 million. The sprawl of Mexico City is estimated to house another 20 million. And Mumbai too. These cities are bigger than many industrialised nations. And they are growing at a dizzying rate, sucking in workers from rural areas.


posted on: 15 March 2006


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On the Guardian: invisible city


posted on: 11 January 2006

More Shanghai pics

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I have added some more pics of Shanghai in the photo archive.


posted on: 08 January 2006


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Just got back from Shanghai.

The temperature was between 0 and -4 degrees Centigrades..

It was a very short and hard trip, I hope next time I will have more time. I posted a picture of the Pudong skyline in the sidebar and more pics will be in the photos archive (not yet).

I'm too tired to write a long post, check out the Wikitravel entry for more info on Shanghai.


posted on: 22 July 2005

Back from HK and China

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I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong and China. I liked and enjoyed all of it very much. It's also been productive since it was a business trip mostly. I will post some pics and more about it later, now I need to rest..


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

Anti spam email
A solution to writing an anti spam email contact link
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Background image
A background image randomizer that I used in the second version of this site.
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Javascript menu
A menu that uses Javascript and session cookies.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Experimenting with CSS and Javascript.A simple but, in my opinion, nice navigation “system”. The MiniSite is a one page site.
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Photo display
Protect copyrighted photos: a simple but effective solution.
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Photo gallery
A photo gallery made for a friend
filed under: Javascript
PHP menu
A PHP menu that can be updated without having to re-publish all the pages is on.
filed under: PHP
Pop-up menu
A very simple pop up menu powered by Javascript. It works also if Javascript is disabled.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
RSS feed
How to write and use an RSS feed
filed under: rss-xml
Tag replacer
The Tag replacer explained and a link to it.
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Tags search
A search form build and powered using Javascript and the DOM
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