Experimenting with CSS and Javascript: a site of one page

one first page - ridge border 5px
two second page - ridge border 5px
three third page - ridge border 5px
a link
four fourth page - ridge border 5px

Testing the possibilities offered by CSS and Javascript.In combination they are pretty powerful and allow for a lot with few kilobytes.In this case I just change the stacking order ( z-index ) of the different layers with a mouseover. It enables the user to never leave the page, still giving the effect of actually changing page (like in a book or a file holder). The design is obviously very basic and it can be changed in any way. The most interesting fact is that the all thing is completely portable and adaptable.

The mouseovers are inline, since that's still the most common way but would be easy to take them off (as it's been done for this site ). If CSS and Javascript are disabled the layers would just appear one after the other in their natural static positions.