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posted on: 28 June 2007

Autism symptoms reversed

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Symptoms of mental retardation and autism have been reversed for the first time in laboratory mice.US scientists created mice that showed symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome - a leading cause of mental retardation and autism in humans. They then reversed symptoms of the condition by inhibiting the action of an enzyme in the brain.

Autism symptoms reversed in lab


posted on: 23 June 2007

Incremental leading

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By Mark Boulton:

Incremental leading


posted on: 22 June 2007

Ecological hot spots

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Drifting icebergs are ecological hotspots that enable the surrounding waters to absorb an increased volume of carbon dioxide, a study suggests. US scientists found that minerals released from the melting ice triggered blooms of CO2-absorbing phytoplankton.

Icebergs are ecological hotspot


posted on: 20 June 2007


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In March we've selected over 35 prominent designers and design companies, contacted them and asked to answer five design-related questions, sharing their knowledge and experience with fellows developers.

35 designers x 5 questions


posted on: 14 June 2007

Vast herds of gazelle and antelope

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Scientists believe they have discovered the biggest migration of wild animals on Earth, with an aerial survey revealing vast herds of gazelle and antelope on the move in southern Sudan in a region which had been assumed to have been denuded of its wildlife by years of civil war.

A herd of white-eared Kob

Sudan's breathtaking migration


posted on: 13 June 2007


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Krulwich is a journalist working across numerous arenas...much of his talk concerned framing, and the way the media handles inclusion and exclusion, and how it creates spaces of framing. Also political campaigns uses and abuse spatially, in order to portray a different sense of space. For example, Krulwich showed some great footage from the early 90s, of Bush the Elder's campaign of the time, and the various tactics involved in building a crowd i.e. hire a 354-person band; hand out tickets to locals, imploring them to come by calling them VIPs. And then, most interestingly, creating a smaller space downtown by fencing off areas - as the rally organiser says it makes the crowd bigger.


Postopolis!: Robert Krulwich


posted on: 13 June 2007

Flags by Colours

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Flags as pie charts

Flags by Colours


posted on: 11 June 2007

Lining up elements on grid lines

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In print, grids are fairly static, and it's fairly straightforward to make decisions on how to use them based primarily on aesthetic concerns. As a result, most traditional grid practitioners will line up elements right on the grid lines...In digital media, though, we must, as always, make some compromises for the added factor of the way elements behave. Which is to say that, unlike the printed page, the components of a design - photos, illustrations, shapes, flourishes and type - can transform, change state, move, transform etc.

Nudge Your Elements


posted on: 01 June 2007

Backgrounds and PNGs

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On Digital Web Magazine:


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

Anti spam email
A solution to writing an anti spam email contact link
filed under: Javascript
Background image
A background image randomizer that I used in the second version of this site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Javascript menu
A menu that uses Javascript and session cookies.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Experimenting with CSS and Javascript.A simple but, in my opinion, nice navigation “system”. The MiniSite is a one page site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo display
Protect copyrighted photos: a simple but effective solution.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo gallery
A photo gallery made for a friend
filed under: Javascript
PHP menu
A PHP menu that can be updated without having to re-publish all the pages is on.
filed under: PHP
Pop-up menu
A very simple pop up menu powered by Javascript. It works also if Javascript is disabled.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
RSS feed
How to write and use an RSS feed
filed under: rss-xml
Tag replacer
The Tag replacer explained and a link to it.
filed under: PHP
Tags search
A search form build and powered using Javascript and the DOM
filed under: Javascript