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posted on: 30 May 2005

Javascript and nodeType(s)

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Found today:

When working with XML one regularly needs to test whether a node has a certain node type

and this could be a convenient solution.


posted on: 27 May 2005

..and the rich get richer

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Another interesting article on the Guardian :

For a more comprehensive understanding the Guardian has a section dedicated to International aid and development


posted on: 26 May 2005

Oil, oil, oil

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From the Guardian:


posted on: 23 May 2005

Organizing CSS

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Web-graphics has a couple of links to articles that offer tips on organizing CSS files:

I personally divide my CSS files in groups of rules and save them for quick consultation but I publish them optimized (no whitespace, each rule in one line) to keep them light.


posted on: 21 May 2005

Fonts and Javascript triggers

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I found a good article on fonts on the New York Times.

I had a doubt, after taking all my Javascript calls off the XHTML, about using the class attribute to determine the behaviour of each link. Now that same doubt is being discussed. I know about DTDs because I'm interested in XML and I have written DTDs before. I'll follow the discussion and see where it goes..

More about DTD:


posted on: 17 May 2005


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I'm back. I have covered a lot of kilometers, seen family and friends. In a few days I have more kilometers in front of me.. the meanwhile, a nice article on logo design.


posted on: 03 May 2005

On the road

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I'm on the road, no connection, until the 15th of May.


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

Anti spam email
A solution to writing an anti spam email contact link
filed under: Javascript
Background image
A background image randomizer that I used in the second version of this site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Javascript menu
A menu that uses Javascript and session cookies.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Experimenting with CSS and Javascript.A simple but, in my opinion, nice navigation “system”. The MiniSite is a one page site.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo display
Protect copyrighted photos: a simple but effective solution.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
Photo gallery
A photo gallery made for a friend
filed under: Javascript
PHP menu
A PHP menu that can be updated without having to re-publish all the pages is on.
filed under: PHP
Pop-up menu
A very simple pop up menu powered by Javascript. It works also if Javascript is disabled.
filed under: Javascript/CSS
RSS feed
How to write and use an RSS feed
filed under: rss-xml
Tag replacer
The Tag replacer explained and a link to it.
filed under: PHP
Tags search
A search form build and powered using Javascript and the DOM
filed under: Javascript