Notes on a web journey

posted on: 26 February 2005

Moving house

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I am moving to a new house.

I will start posting again when I'm done..


posted on: 15 February 2005

Photoshop - unsharp mask

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On Cameron Moll's web site there is an interesting article on the use of “Unsharpen Mask” in Photoshop.

It does make a practical difference and the comments also offer different techniques to achieve the same result.


posted on: 10 February 2005

CMS last post

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This is going to be (probably..) the last post of the CMS category. I think I misunderstood the meaning and purpose of a proper CMS. What I wanted to have was a web site that enabled me to add entries, upload pics and add links from any computer, since I travel often and cannot carry a laptop with me. But a proper CMS is too much, so I just created a few interactive PHP pages. I have been posting about it under the Studies category.


posted on: 10 February 2005

Links page using PHP

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The new links page is up and running. Now links can be added by a user, (sevencolors admin reserves the right of deleting offensive or out of place links) or by myself, no need to access the site through an FTP. It still needs some fine tuning but basically it`s done. My original idea was to enable better interaction for the user (and consequently myself), since when I travel I cannot make changes which often ends up in some nice opportunities missed.

The next step will be to create an image gallery and a form to upload images.

Update: due to spam, I created a secure page and I now add links and pictures from there.


posted on: 07 February 2005

Php forms

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I'm re-doing the links page with php so that links can be added by the user. To do so, I coded a page that presents the user with a form to add a link. Now I`m learning how to check the form to make sure the data entered is correct. I'm still looking around for the best solution.

Php so far has been very kind to me, my previous study of Javascript is very useful as far as syntax is concerned although php seems to be more straightforward and &8220;easier&8221;..


posted on: 03 February 2005

Windows XP continued

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I have been fiddling with XP trying to simplify it. I just want an OS that does what I want not something that sends datas all over the Internet without me knowing. I also had problems sending emails until I found out the Control panel >> Administrative tools and finally managed to disable all that Internet firewall and silent bakground stuff.. I use Tiny Personal Firewall which is free for personal use.


CSS,Javascript and Php studies

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