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posted on: 22 March 2009

World Water Day 2009

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World Water Day 2009

The world's 263 transboundary lake and river basins include the territory of 145 countries and cover nearly half of the Earth's land surface. Great reservoirs of freshwater also move silently below our borders in underground aquifers. With every country seeking to satisfy its water needs from limited water resources, some foresee a future filled with conflict. But history shows that cooperation, not conflict, is the most common response to transboundary water management issues.

World Water Day 2009

With every country seeking to satisfy its water needs from limited water resources...I think the massive use of water for industry is the problem. Many of the current production processes are obsolete and waste more then they produce. Greed has also a big part in it, as usual. Nuclear plants also need lots of water for cooling purposes. But sometimes it seems to me as if the people are blamed for not using water carefully, as if it were possible to stop water from following its cycle. The real problem is not the use that people do of it but the fact that it gets used before it arrives to people, benefiting only some. It's part of an economical system that needs to be re-thought in a much better way.



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