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posted on: 09 July 2006

New layout: first post bigger

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This is the first post about the new layout.

At the beginning I wanted to have the latest post bigger and the previous four in a column below, with two more columns beside it, one for the categories and fragments, the other for the archives:

A screenshot of the first tentative layout

I like it, it's compact and easy to grasp. No fancy positioning and not too much clutter but..the problem, for me, is that there is only an excerpt of the previous posts, to read them it's necessary to click and go to the respective permanent link. I think it's better to read at least the first five posts without having to go to another page. So, I decided against it and went for the layout as it is now. The size of the text is bigger on the latest post and for posts seen singularly (permanent link), a bit smaller on the previous ones when seen on the home page. The column on the right holds all the site navigation, except for the four main pages, which I left in the masthead.



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