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posted on: 20 August 2005

I'm very scared now

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Checking out who's visiting my web site I noticed that I have been found by some spooks:

" The open source nature of the Internet poses threats to corporations and can take many forms. As a communications medium, activists use the Internet to plan rallies and boycotts. While some of these activities are peaceful and legal, other more extreme actions can be destructive and even life threatening. Personal information about executives, their families and activities such as travel plans are widely distributed. "

" One enterprise. Hundreds of offices. Thousands of employees and customers. A Sea of Data. Hundreds of thousands of documents. Different languages, topics, classifications, and repositories. Millions of words and images. All day. Everyday. "

Oooh, now I'm very scared..they are onto me, they found out I could be an activist (activist in what?), a threatening savage, ready to jump all corporate executives (never met one..) and bite their ass..getting probably poisoned in the act..

Actually the fact that companies like those exist is pretty sad. They are like vultures, taking advantage of scared corporate (or whatever) sissies and getting money out of them. But that is not the point either, everyone is free to give his money away, the point is that the simple existence of those companies is proof that the causes of "discomfort" are not addressed, only the effects. Doing so, there is always need for "treatments" because the problem doesn't get solved.

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing I threaten to do is using my brain instead of letting it be blindly influenced. Of that I'm proud, even if I manage to do it only sometime.



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